Land Owners See Land Values Increase with Soil Health Practices

I made the following presentation at a Minnesota Soil Health Coalition event. There has been a lot of buzz about the new record farm land sale in Iowa. It ties in perfectly with the point I tried to make in the presentation. Land is only as valuable as its ability to produce profitably. When soil becomes degraded it becomes a liability to land owners.

An 80-acre field in Iowa sold for $22,600 per acre with permanent easements requiring no-till and cover crops. It also had a wind-tower, which contributed to the high valuation by the investor-buyer.

2 thoughts on “Land Owners See Land Values Increase with Soil Health Practices”

  1. Excellent presentation. So great that you shared your story! I found it so interesting and well done! Some of it sounded like the daily conversations we have. 🙂

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